Walter Aikens is an experienced speaker, author and mentor. He has learned many lessons in life through his personal journey and have used those experiences to educate, train and motivate today's youth to develop character, live a life of integrity and seek for excellence in all that they do. Walter have spoken in various venues and trained/motivated thousands of youth to stay in school, develop characters for success, and achieve academic excellence. For more information about his programs and seminars, please call Walter at 336-399-7583 or email

"The Purpose of Knowledge" is a profound book about the importance of intentionally preparing for your future and seeking to be a person of excellence. Written from a perspective of someone who have traveled the slippery path to destruction and subsequently climbed out and equipped himself for success, this book will motivate you to want to be a better person!

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"The Lifespan Of A Moment" is a collection of poetry penned by Walter Aikens that will warm your heart and inspire you.

Character is defined as a combination of emotional, intellectual and moral qualities that distinguises one person or group from another.

Studies shows that 87% of inmates are there because of lack of character. Lack of character at a young age impacts your decision making skills in adulthood. Walter uses chess to teach decision making process, values and strategic thinking.

In this program Walter teaches about the "Value of Education vs. the Cost of Ignorance". If you are content with being average, you are just as close to the bottom as you are to the top.

Statistics showed that only 50% of African American youth, especially males, graduate from High School. The top 3 contributing factors to the drop-out epidemic are lack of male influence, lack of character and lack of discipline or respect to authority in the classroom and the law.

Approximately 50% of Americans over the age of 65 are functionally illiterate. Youth are failing out of our schools because they do not have the right attitude about the importance of education. When asked why they need to go to school, the answers are often "because they make me go".

Walter's seminar will help youth and their families learn how knowledge will prepare them for life, protect, preserve, prosper and promote them to excellence in all that they do. 

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